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Content by Charles Sterling

Offshore tackle review: Braided Line

As indicated an earlier post braided fishing line is really only the way to go and having fished a couple brands like Berkeley Fireline, Powerpro, tuff line, bionic, spiderwire the types really are very different!

Such as Fireline and Spiderwire aren’t even braided, they are lots of parallel strands laying next to each other.  This design means they tend to be a little bit thicker for the same weight.  Some of the lines also have a Teflon coating on them that peels off.

After buying a couple spools braided fishing line at full retail (ie $150 for 500 meters) I started looking for alternatives.  My first attempt was to source line from the US but despite a cheaper asking price after shipping ended up at about the same.     

My next attempt was ebay with Bluewater tackle and at $40 for 500 meters it seemed like a deal too good to be true.   I must admit the line is good value for the money but not at the same quality i was getting before as the braid is quite course and tended to cut fingers.

My latest purchase appears to be the solution to all my line worries-and solutions to some problems i didn’t even know i had! The line is called “Ocean Braid” from Brian D. Forsyth it is true small diameter braid, with a very round/smooth finish and comes on a spool in 100meters sections.  This is a huge advantage so after a real is full you have a real good idea how much line you have left.  In retrospect something i wish all my other lines had shipped with!  The price point is also a pleasant surprise, i won an auction for 500 meters for $37.50- what i ended up getting was actually 600 meters for $37.60! -Yeah!

For icing on the cake, i also added one of Brian D. Forsyth‘s Green/Blue 270mm marlin lures for $2.70.  I must admit i didn’t expect much for less than $3.00 but the skirts by themselves where high quality worth the auction and the head (a mouse/maggot pattern) has already proven itself on the local wahoo.  NOTE: I did change the hooks to some SL12’s and upgraded the line to 200lb for the local black marlin i am confident this lure will pickup.