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Content by Charles Sterling

Pimp my ride at Teched?

Last year at TechEd we did a team development project for the Smith Family.  This year the TechEd folks asked me to look into doing something similiar this year.   I did some thinking about it and thought what might be fun is redoing the look (user interface) for an existing application in Windows Presentation Foundation and/or ATLAS.  Something like they do on the MTV TV series: “Pimp my ride“.

The reason for the post was to see if anybody had any suggestions on a tool or application that needs a make-over. I would prefer something ecologically minded such as a utility to display energy consumption etc. but can only come up with ideas for IT utilities such as: 

  1. Visual Build Creater for MSBuild
  2. Visual Build Creater for NANT
  3. Work Item Explorer for Team Foundation Server
  4. Machine/Person/Printer Explorer for Active directory

So if you have any thoughts please drop me a line chass@microsoft.com