Pimp my ride at Teched?

Last year at TechEd we did a team development project for the Smith Family.  This year the TechEd folks asked me to look into doing something similiar this year.   I did some thinking about it and thought what might be fun is redoing the look (user interface) for an existing application in Windows Presentation Foundation and/or ATLAS.  Something like they do on the MTV TV series: "Pimp my ride".

The reason for the post was to see if anybody had any suggestions on a tool or application that needs a make-over. I would prefer something ecologically minded such as a utility to display energy consumption etc. but can only come up with ideas for IT utilities such as: 

  1. Visual Build Creater for MSBuild
  2. Visual Build Creater for NANT
  3. Work Item Explorer for Team Foundation Server
  4. Machine/Person/Printer Explorer for Active directory

So if you have any thoughts please drop me a line chass@microsoft.com

Comments (2)

  1. Garry Trinder says:

    Think that is a cool idea…are you going to call it "Pimp my site"?

    I’m guessing the easiest sites to work on would be ones that already have feeds or lots of info like the weather, sharemarket etc.  

    Would be nice to do something like the water usage shame list, or a decent tv guide that works with Media Centre but getting that data will be pretty hard 🙁

    There’s a lot of local sporting teams whose website could definately do with a makeover. They tend to have a bit of information like fixtures, results, news,  items, pics etc that could do with a better presentation and/or could be made into gadgets?

    I think the project last year was a good idea.  The biggest problem i found with it was the tasks weren’t broken down into small enough parts or had enough detail for someone to come and work on it for a couple of hours and tick something off.  To get more people involved who also want to attend the sessions I think a detailed WBS would really help this year.  I guess the other problem was that the labs/dev area only opened just before the sessions and wasn’t open that late at night.  If the opening hours for this was extended people that were keen to help outside of the sessions would be able to participate.


  2. The original premise of the project “Pimp my Ride” was to take an application that was already useful

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