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Content by Charles Sterling

Manually Forcing an uninstall of the Team System Power Toys

A coworker had an issue with the lastest version of the Team System Power Toys in that it wouldn’t install due to the previous version being broken and uinstallable.

My advice to him (and my readers) if you run into this problem is:

1. Run Msiinv to determine the Product Code of the power toy in question. The output should look something like:

Microsoft Team Foundation Server Power Tools
Product code: {C802488F-CB5F-48BE-BBD2-0C0F9E290E63}
Product state: (5) Installed.
Package code: {B4846952-D775-4CC0-871A-33441374E2D7}
Version: 1.20.0000
AssignmentType: 0
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Language: 1033
Installed from: C:\Users\chass\Downloads\
Package: tfpt.msi
Product Icon: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Installer\{C802488F-CB5F-48BE-BBD2-0C0F9E290E63}\SetupIcon
About link: http://www.microsoft.com
Local package: C:\Windows\Installer\426c161.msi
Install date: 2007\03\08
Registered to: Chuck
Serial Code: none

2. Once you get the product code of the Powertoy that is cracked Run msiexec /x <product code> to remove it.  In this case the command would look like:

msiexec /x {C802488F-CB5F-48BE-BBD2-0C0F9E290E63}

You should be prompted to remove the product and pressing yes viola it is gone.

3. Failing that you can always try: MSIZAP