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Content by Charles Sterling

M400 Toshiba and Windows Vista Recovery Console

Been playing with the Windows Vista startup recovery console and while i got the recovery console to load the Winre.win but it wouldn’t see any of the drives.  Turns out you need to put the Toshiba Raid driver on a USB Key and load it at the “Detecting OS” screen.


If you are having challenges just installing Vista on your M400 you may need to change your raid mode.

NOTE: Changing from JBOD to RAID mode will erase the disks!

Here are the steps:

1. Reboot M400

2. At the Toshiba bios splash screen hit ESC

3. Hit F1 when prompted

4. In the bios, hit your PgDn key twice

5. If your current state shows 1RAID-0 already, you’re done. If not, go to step 6.

Current State

  Built-in HDD = 1RAID-0

6. Under Create State JBOD should be highlighted…hit the spacebar and it should change to 1RAID-0

7. Move down to “Execute Creation” and hit the spacebar

8. A bunch of text appears at the bottom to make you confirm

9. Type 1234 and hit enter

10. Hit the end key

11. Hit Y and it will reboot