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Setting the page for new tabs in Internet Explorer

Yesterday i had a neighbor asked: “Should I upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0.” 

I replied -“Absolutely! I am not certain how i surfed the net before tabbed browsing!”

This got me thinking about my own internet habits with tabs and i realized most of the time upon opening a new tab the first thing i did was type in the URL to my search engine.  By default a new tab opens a page stating “You have opened a new Tab” with links to the keyboard shortcuts and Tabbed browsing: frequently asked questions

After looking at the FAQ there was nothing on how to set the default page for a new tab….

But reading the topic “How can i turn off the tabs” i saw there was a tabs section in the Genreal Tab of Internet Options (See figure below)

and in there there was an option to “open home page for new tabs” -yeah!

Unfortunatley checking this box didn’t do anything! -The reason being i hadn’t checked the box on the new tab window to dismiss it (see below)


So now all my new tabs automatically start as the first tab of my home page tab group.