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Australian Architect Forum Keynote Speaker

Last week we had our weekly conference call and one of the agenda items were “Keynote” speaker.  During the call we each agreed to put forth our own suggestions (below).

If you have a person you would like to see as our keynote drop me a line and i will add it to a “Community” list…

My “5” Keynote Suggestions

  1. Jesper Johansson – Security Architect Amazon
  2. Pat Helland– Architect Amazon
  3. David Intersimone Borland
  4. Adam Bosworth Google
  5. Jim Miller Microsoft
  6. Sarah Williams Adobe

Peter Diggins list

  1. Martin Fowler
  2. John Zachman
  3. Don Ferguson – IBM Chief Architect and Websphere Architect – just joined Microsoft
  4. Matt Ackley – eBay – watch a recent keynote here
  5. Adam Bosworth – Google
  6. Pat Helland – Amazon

Nigel Watson’s


1) Martin Fowler

2) Pat Helland

3) Jack Greenfield (software factories guy – MS)

4) Don Ferguson

5) Chris Anderson – “The Long Tail” guy.