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Sharepoint Content in Perth?

In response to my post “Spending more time in Perth”

I was asked:

“These are good.  It’d be nice to have a session on dev in Sharepoint if possible – maybe April?)”

Thanks for that Alan,

As for a Sharepoint presentation/tour great idea the reason I didn’t add it was twofold

  1. I haven’t caught up with Angus to make sure he isn’t already doing something and we aren’t working cross purposes
  2. Michael Kordahi (our soon to join us sharepoint guru.) doesn’t start until next (See our team Grows) – so I don’t know about his availability.

That said, it is a great idea I will add it as a tentative until i can catch up with Michael Kordahi and Angus 

A question for you, if Michael Kordahi can not do April….would you be able to use both Scott Barnes (Cold Fusion, Macromedia expert) and Michael Kordahi (Sharepoint) in the same trip in June?

Draft Calendar:


Topic: Camp Vista (Conference call with the user groups this week)

Deep dives in the Vista Development Features with the local community user groups

For the partners the content will be slightly different something like “New opportunities around the Vista/Office Platform” (Very successful topic at the Partner Summit)

When: Last week 1st week of March (TBA)

Who: Charles Sterling


Topic: Building Portals and collaborative search enabled web sites.

This session will walk through Microsoft’s search and portal offerings -real abstract TBD

When: April

Who: Michael Kordahi


Topic: User Experience Matters

This session will drill into how your user experience can be a competitive differentiator

When: 3rd Week May (“postponed” to this date to fall Immediately after Mix07 and the launch of the Expression Suite)

Who: Shane Morris


Topic:  Building a Winning Web Business with Microsoft Technologies

Scott Barnes comes to us from being an MVP in the Macromedia space and will be focusing on Internet technologies. 

When 2nd Week in June

Who: Scott Barnes (w/ Michael Kordahi?)