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Webcast: Creating WPC clients calling WCF Services

A while back i did a webcast called: Worlds Easiest Windows Communication Foundation Service.  This webcast is part II and continues on by creating a client in Windows Presentation Foundation to call this Service using the utiltiy: svcutil.exe


You can find the web cast on Channel9 at:

Creating WCF Clients with Windows Presentation Foundation



I also recieved a question about the linklabel i used to open IE

That code is below:

Sub LinkLabel1_LinkClicked()

LinkLabel1.Links.Add(0, LinkLabel1.Text.Length, baseAddress.ToString)

Dim baseAddress As Uri = New Uri(“http://localhost:8080/ConsoleApplicationVB/service1″)

Dim sInfo As New ProcessStartInfo(e.Link.LinkData.ToString())