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Spending more time in Perth

As you may have seen David Lemphers will be changing his role and will be focusing on Microsoft Dynamics.  As a result we needed somebody to cover Western Australia-and I instantly volunteered!  In talking to Dave he had a plan where he was coming out every 2 months and was making himself available for 1-3 days.  I plan to change the format a little; rather than myself visiting every time I would like to send out some of our new DPE talent to sync with the new Buzz from Microsoft -like the expression launch.   Below I have listed out what could be the years agenda could look like.  Right now this plan is very very formative and would love input from you to formalize. So if you live in Western Australia and can think of good reason for one of the Microsoft Developer Team to visit drop me a line!

Western Australia Calendar:


Topic: Camp Vista

Deep dives in the Vista Development Features with the local community user groups

When: Last week 1st week of March (TBA)

Who: Charles Sterling


Topic: User Experience Matters

This session will drill into how your user experience can be a competitive differentiate

When: 3rd Week May (“postponed” to this date to fall Immediately after Mix07 and the launch of the Expression Suite)

Who: Shane Morris


Topic:  Building a Winning Web Business with Microsoft Technologies

Scott Barnes comes to us from being an MVP in the Macromedia space and will be focusing on Internet technologies. 

When 2nd Week in June

Who: Scott Barnes (w/ Chuck?)