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Content by Charles Sterling

Forum Software for ASP.NET 2.0

A local non profit organization wanted to create a website primarily for forums and discussions….I indicated i would be more than happy to volunteer some of my time if they needed a hand.   They were ecstatic and indicated if i could add a small section they would be over the moon!.   So i opened up their site- All PHP!

Oops, i know very little about coding in PHP and didn’t really plan to learn trial by fire

The local non profit organization indicated they had no investment in the existing PHP site (they had just installed it the day before) and if i wanted to use something else that was cool.   So i downloaded YetAnotherForum.NET and just fell in love!

These guys have done a great job and it is available as both DotNetNuke and Rainbow Portal Modules.  

So what are the morals of this story?

The “business” folks really don’t care about the technology -they care about the solution!

JohnMont (my previous mentor/manager) is spot on that websites are driven as much by the platform technology and tools as the “starter kits” for bootstrapping a project.

In either case-

Big thanks to the YetAnotherForum team!