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Content by Charles Sterling

The Marlin are here -and so are the storms! (Offshore Fishing)

In the last three days over 80 marlin have been caught with one boat hooking 30 in a day!

These aren’t huge fish, going from 20-50KG but still beats the heck out of working -which is exactly what i have been doing the last three days -sigh. 

So what am i doing on a Sunday morning typing up blogs posts? Well there are big storms offshore with winds of excess of 30knots and 3 meter waves (remember my boat is only 5 meters long!)

To add injury to insult the the dolphin fish and Wahoo have moved in with the Marlin!

On the upside looks like the weather is supposed to calm down this week!

For those folks that have 8meter plus long boats and still want to go out today  the hot color for Marlin is the traditional Gold Coast favorite – Black and Purple on a small door knob headed pusher. The Wahoo have been going after the Williams Pusher/Soft Plastics and the Dollies have been pretty indiscriminate in their eating habits.