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Content by Charles Sterling

Getting Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express running on Vista

After the Xbox team visited i have been dying to try out Microsoft XNA…Unfortunately i don’t have an XP computer and XNA doesn’t run on Windows Vista- Or does it?

So i downloaded C# Express and Microsoft XNA and tried the installs – not surprisingly the C# install went fine but the Micrsosoft XNA one failed.  I fiddled with the install for a while and managed to extract the install files and get the templates loaded but with the class libraries not registed it just wasn’t going to go -sigh.

Then i remembered Jason Strayer said several times the primary reason XNA doesn’t run on Vista was due to fixes needed to C#.

Since C# sp1 was released this morning i thought i would try upgrading my C# install then retry the XNA install. 

My first retry the XNA install completed fine -yeah!

But none of the XNA projects were visible -Boo!

This suggested the XNA installer didn’t have the permisions to register the templates. 

To resolve this i opened a command prompt as administrator and launched the XNA setup from the Administrator user context (xnagse_setup.msi)

TADA! I now had all the project template and XNA running on my Vista Computer!

Note as Jason indicated during his visit despite running this is NOT a supported configuration.

Also Fair warning my install sat at “0 Seconds” for a couple of minutes