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I meet fishing legend Peter Pakula

Last night at the local fishermans get together one of the greatest Australian icons in game fishing, Peter Pakula gets up and does a presentation on the proposed closures of Moreton bay (which extends well into the Gold Coasts Broad Water).

After the presentation I “had” to introduce myself and and see what pearls of wisdom this master would have for a neophyte such as myself.  

I must admit after our introductions i was more than a little tacken aback by the first words out of his mouth:


“When is Microsoft releasing Expression

To say i was gob smacked was an understatement! To add insult to injury i thought he was talking about Blend and indicated it would be available next year when almost certainly he was referring to the web designer (to build a website on the closures i mentioned above)….which is available now!

If i run into him again i will have to get him a copy to make up for my oops

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