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Content by Charles Sterling

New Expression Product Announced: Expression Media

I have been using the three expression products for a while so the Expression announcements didn’t come as any surprise- as a matter of fact got into a little bit of trouble when i lent Mitch Denny my computer for the ready Summit


  • Expression Web 
  • Expression Design
  • Expression Blend
  • But when Long called me asked “What is Expression Media” my answer was what are you talking about?  Turns out we have going to have a new toy in the toolbox that i didn’t know about called “Expression Media“.  I know i am looking forward to the workflow functionality:


    Handle lots of files, fast, with the professional’s choice. Rename, convert, or tag hundreds of files at a time with sophisticated batch processing; or use powerful search features to instantly find and retrieve your digital media assets. Edit images and keep track of your changes with version control, while folder watching keeps your catalogs up to date.