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Content by Charles Sterling

DIY Marlin teasers (Offshore Fishing)

While tournament fishing in Sydney we always ran two sets of teasers on either side of the boat.  Teasers are like very large lures run without hooks used to attract fish.

Since moving to Gold Coast I have not been running teasers due to the cost but after watching a lure spread behind another boat last weekend I decided I was probably doing myself a disservice.  -Unfortunately I still didn’t want to spend the dough.  (Most teasers would be in excess of $70 like a witch doctors running $189 or a spread of birds and pushers $70+)

So I thought I would making my own!

My first attempt was using CD’s to make a paddle wheel like the Wavewalker this pretty much a disaster as the CD’s were too heavy and sank deep enough to not spin. -and damn near tore my arm off trying to get them back onto the boat at trolling speed!

My next attempt was to create a set of birds from aluminum tubing and 8″ timber stakes at the local home supply store.


Once i cut the front of the  bird to skip on the surface these worked great (see picture below)


You should run a spread of squid behind the birds to have them “swim” right.  Since the good pushers heads for the squid ran $10/each and you need ~4. (so $40 + plus)   This begged my next DYI efforts using shovel handles for squid heads -and again they worked great! In this case maybe even better than retail versions because they created more “smoke” (ie bubles) due to the fact they were lighter and had a larger hole through them than you would use as normal lures.  

So for $30 all up i have the materials to do BUNCHES of these teasers -not bad for a windy (ie no fishing) Sunday afternoon making “crafts” with my daughter -she likes to paint them

I will probably give the CD’s another shot -but this time using them as big spinners on pieces of cable – similiar to a trout spinner we use in Seattle.

If you have seen plans for something like this please send it my way!