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Office 2007 & Windows Vista Launch in Darwin


This is still VERY much draft but here is what we were thinking:

Feb 15 2007 at Sky City Darwin we will do an all day Office 2007 Windows Vista Launch.

9:00 am

Launch of Office 2007, Exchange and Windows Vista Keynote Address

See how Windows Vista, the Microsoft 2007 Office System and Exchange Server 2007 can help your organization become people ready by simplifying collaboration, helping protect & manage content, improving business insight and reducing IT costs and simplifying security.

Presented by Craig Foster and Keith Holtham. (Plus guest Demo assistants)


Reduce IT Costs and Increase Security – Optimizing your Core Desktop Infrastructure
See how Windows Vista can help reduce security risks, simplify desktop and server deployment and management and reduce cost.

Presenters Michael Kleef and ?


Simplifying How People Work Together – Unified Communication & Collaboration
A people-centric solution of rich, intuitive, and seamless communications across e-mail, IM, intranets, voice, data, video and conferencing.

Presenters Craig Hubbard and Charles Sterling.


Office 2007 and Windows Vista Developer Vision

This evening session will focus on the high-level benefits of developing using the powerful integrated features of the Microsoft 2007 Office System and Windows Vista

Presenter Charles Sterling & Michael Kleef


Windows Vista Deployment Drilldown

Michael Kleef will walk us through advanced deployment topics such as Ximage, WDS and more! 

Presenters Michael Kleef and ?

Content will be similar to that found at: