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Content by Charles Sterling

Piers Anthony switches to Linux?

I just finished a book by one of my favorite light fantasy authors Piers Anthony.

And noticed in the authors note Piers wrote:

“I had decided to change from the Windows computer operating system to Linux,”

Oh no!  What was I going to do? Stop reading his books out of company loyalty?  Call him and explain his folly?  

Then i read about his experiences trying to write his book “Up in a Heaval” on Linux -and his subsequent return to Windows.  Thankfully order is now restored in the universe!-and i was able to have a chuckle or two at Piers expense: 

His high-lights included:

  1. Wasn’t able to find anybody to sell/service a computer with Linux
  2. The computer wouldn’t talk to his printer.
  3. 5 MINUTES to load his 100,000 word novel!
  4. After the novel was loaded the first touch of a key locked the computer up.