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Windows Vista: how do i login as Administrator?

Question on the Australian DL:

Could someone please tell me how i login as Administrator it says i am a Admionistrator, but when i try and do things that require Admin rights, I get a msg box saying i need to login as Admin?


To Login as administrator you need to start in Safe mode-but you shouldn’t need to do this for *99.9999% of the situations.  In your situation it sounds like the user account you are logged in as isn’t in the local machine administrators group, as User Access Control (UAC) should prompt you to elevate your token’s credentials.  The only time you should see the “Login As” dialog is when your token doesn’t contain the permissions required to perform the task being requested…


*For instance certain files can be marked with permissions that require ONLY >The< Administrator account can delete them

**If you didn’t give the Administrator account a password try “password”