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Australian Architect Forum May 2007 -Looking for Feedback!

 Solutions Architecture is clearly the hot topic right now.  –Being one the most requested topics at TechEd, the Patterns and Practice event was also one of the year’s best events.  Unfortunately the Patterns and Practice event team isn’t going to be able to make it down to Australia next year. 

Luckily talking to Simon Kwan of ACS,  Nigel Watson and Peter Diggins from Object we decided despite this Australia is still going to get the best Architecture event to date for 2007!

While still in the planning stages we do have a couple *guidelines we are working toward:

1.       Name: Australian Architect Forum

2.       Date: April-May 2007

3.       Vendor/platform neutral (Read NOT a Microsoft event)

4.       Location: Sydney and Melbourne

5.       Cost: ~$250/person

6.       Content 10 parallel “Tracks”

The reason for this blog post is to get feedback from the would-be attendees on what the event should look like and identify thought leaders in the Architecture space that would like to help run what should be the largest Architecture Conference for Australia.

If you have any questions or comments please drop me a line at Chass@microsoft.com   

 *So why these “guidelines”?

1.       Name: Australian Architecture Forum

Australian Architecture Forum is a working name only– does anybody have other recommendations?

2.       Date: April-May 2007

April-May was chosen pretty arbitrarily as far enough out to integrate your feedback but not so far out as to be forgotten<g>

3.        Vendor/platform neutral

Feedback we received at the P&P Summit is to make the event truly vendor & platform agnostic.  With this in mind we decided this event would NOT be a Microsoft event but rather run as cooperative owned by Object and ACS.   Luckily Object Consulting is both an Architecture expert and as likely to build for Windows as for a Mainframe; of course ACS is about vendor neutral as you can get!  So what is my role?  Since l helped organize last years P&P summit Peter and Simon asked if i could cotinue in this space help them organize this event.  My first goal for the event since it is to be run as a cooperative is to get the other platform companies like IBM/Rational, HP/Mercury, Sun and Apple to the event. -As well as noted experts in the application architecture space such as Uniqueworld, SDM, Thoughtworks, etc etc.

4.       Both in Sydney and Melbourne

Sydney and Melbourne were chosen from the fact most of the Architect attendees we see at previous events like P&P and Strategic Architect Forum are from these cities.  I have a vested interest in bringing it to Brisbane but we need to see how it is received in Sydney and Melbourne first.   

5.       Cost

All parties involved want to run this event as a “break even” budget meaning  the cost per attendee will depend on the cost of the venue/food etc less the funds the income from the sponsors.  The $250 amount is a best guess without knowing all costs etc.

6.       10 parallel “Tracks”

The feedback from other architect events is that sessions NEED to be small enough to make the a dialog with subject matter experts rather than a lecture TO them. (ie 20 people).