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Content by Charles Sterling

2007 Australian Architect Forum Content

In my previous post I mentioned a conference we are helping ACS and Object create an Architecture event called: Australian Architect Forum. 

One thing we would like to determine is what content Australian Architects are interested in.  As i mentioned before the feedback suggested small ~20 person round table “discussions” lead be a Luminary or subject matter expert netted the best value.  While all 10 sessions would start wih the same topic (see below) they would branch out to particur areas of interest depending on who is in the room. One concern we have with this 20 person round table format is the registration – how do we deal with an overload of interest with one subject matter expert in one time slot? – Just say “First in best dressed” OR go to a larger room and risk the interaction. So far the feeback has been to do allow a mixture of both types of sessions.

 As a starting point during the Windows Vista launch in Melbourne I triaged a straw man list for us to solicit feedback on…


1.       Portals Architecture Strategies

2.       Legal Issues/ Intellectual Property /Licensing

3.       Project management /team dynamics

4.       SOA/ESB/Integration

5.       Software as a Service

6.       Web Vnext

7.       Business Intelligence Strategies

8.       Virtualization/Physical consolidation

9.       Data Architecture

10.   Modeling tools/ Developer Tools /Design Patterns/Software Factories


Or to slice it by Technology Demographic


1.       Telecommunications

2.       Banking/Finance

3.       Government

4.      Manufacturing

5.      Education

6.      Medical

7.      Defense

8.     etc


If you have feedback on topics OR speakers you would like to see please drop me a line!