Microsoft Recomending AGAINST running TFS under a virtual enviroment?

In the server planning document we state:


Virtual PC

Team Foundation Server servers will operate correctly on a Virtual PC or a virtual server. However, this configuration is not recommended for production environments. It can be used in evaluation or demonstration scenarios.


Since i have been advocating that customers DO use Team Foundation Server under some sort of Virtual Enviroment i had a couple of customers ask me about this mismatch. 

I checked with the dev team and apparently this recomendation was made for performance reasons. 


That being the case contrary to the documentation i still recomend your Team Foundation Server run in a virtual enviroment for backup and recovery reasons.   For more information on the normal backup/recovery please see:


How to: Back Up a Team Foundation Server 

How to: Restore Team Foundation Server Data  





Comments (2)

  1. Thanks for blogging about TFS.  I’m the product unit manager for TFS and I just wanted to comment on this to support your statements.  When we first released TFS, we were very conservative about Virtual Server support because we hadn’t tested it extensively and had performance concerns.  Since we released, it has been tested more and we have countless customers running in this configuration successfully in production.  It is a fully supported scenario but we do still caution people about being careful about the performance effects of running under virtualization.


  2. Good friend of mine Brian Randell builds many of the Microsoft Team Foundation Server hands on labs and

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