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Webcasting Questions (Windows Media Encoder)


  A question came in from my blog post on Windows Media Encoder:

I’m quite new into recording screenvideos. I am a teacher in denmark and would like to be able to create video tutorials (with sound) for my pupils and other teachers. Currently I am running Windows Vista RC2 as a betatester, and I experienced problems with windows media encoder. Then started searching the internet, and stopped at your blog. Right now I am testing Hypercam2 (thanks for your advice), but I was wondering how to compress the files better (maybe another program or encoder). I am capturing in 800*600 but it seems to be the sound that is taking a whole lot of space. Are you familiar with programs where you can ad speak and text afterwards?


I am looking for THE program that can capture 10 min of video with audio (realtime or added afterwards) and taking up as little space as possible. Any suggestions?


Depending on your video source you may need a a couple tools for this task.  For the computer screen capture you will need something like Windows Media Encoder, HyperCam etc. For compressing video and audio files to a more compressed/smaller formats Windows Media Encoder does work on Vista.  This is what I am using. (Only the Windows Media Encoder screen capture features are broken in Vista right)


For annotating these video files with both sound and text I find the new Windows Movie Maker included in Vista does a great job.  If your video source is a camera Movie maker will also do the capture and enable you to render the movie to a much more compressed (smaller size) too…

Good luck with your class!