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Content by Charles Sterling

Pelagics not quite here yet- but fishing is picking up (offshore fishing)


Before heading down to Melbourne for the Ready Summit I managed to sneak out for quick trip Sunday. 

Rumor had it there were a couple of little black Marlin on the 50 meter line and Wahoo in close so Glen and myself put out some 18knot lures and started trolling out about 6:00am.  Unfortunately we went all the way to the last set of marks past the 24 fathom reefs without a touch, at which point I changed the lures to larger Marlin lures and arbitrarily headed north to a set of marks that run out to 170 feet. (Enjoy all the different measuring units?)  There were a bunch of boats there and we decided to circle/troll around them on the second pass we got a nice hit and 10 minutes later were releasing a nice Stripped tuna.  At about 9 AM, In the process of setting the gear back out we see a giant ball of fish and decide to anchor up and see if we can pick some live bait and entice a black to wolf down a big livie.  One the first drop all the hooks get loaded up with nice size trevaly  and a huge tangle with a float line I had put out…Untaglang this and putting the trevaly under another float line we proceeded to catch big Taylor after Taylor and a couple of snapper just for Variety.  At 10:00am or so we had several (~8) nice Fish in the Ice chest for Glen ( I don’t normally eat fish) and we decided to retry our luck for Marlin by trolling back.   This time we did see the bait on the 50meter line (about 145 feet –yes I realize this isn’t 50 meters) but didn’t get any hits so called it a day…