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Content by Charles Sterling

Our Foster Kids go home

It was pretty sad day at the Sterling family yesterday.  After 4weeks, while i was at the Ready Summit in Melbourne, the boys were able to be reunited with their mom.  In their situation the conditions of custody were met so no additional court hearings were needed.  I must admit it was pretty weird not having the oldest running into our room at 6:00am grinning from ear to ear yelling “Ca Ca” holding more cars then you would imagine an adult would be able to carry let alone a 21 month!  Over all it almost seems almost anticlimatic & surreal to go from full on child caring, cooking, cleaning, taxing (at least one of the 3 children would need something every four hours) to just Natasha our very well bahaved 5 year old –who also seems  bit lost without the babies.

In looking back it was amazing how many people called/wrote!  For instance Frank Arrigo who had just been released from the hospital called to see if there was anything he could do us!  Even the local Microsoft  Brisbane Branch collected clothes and put together additional tickets for them to the Microsoft Christmas party to wet and wild world.  At this point the blog post on getting the kids has already been accessed 2000 times!

 So what is next? 

I am hoping we will get our next foster child(ren) after the Xbox team is town and Tomarrow we meet with Tracc -the agency we should have been working with rather directly Child Safety –and hopefully they will figure out how to reimburse us for some of the expenses they have promised<g>

In either case thanks for all the calls, clothes, toys and emails -they were all very much appreciated!