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Generating Word Documents Server side for Client Viewing

Just had this question from a coworker: 


They need to render a word 2000 document on the server with no client side intervention. I have done this in the past using XSL:FO, but I’m sure that there is a better way. I have also found using a COM object, but no reference to using a specific version of word.  



Your timing is impeccable as we have JUST fixed this problem….

On the server they would output XML in compliance to the new XPS/Word/Office 2007 spec documented at: http://openxmldeveloper.org/default.aspx.

Then to view it on the client they would need one of the following

The word viewer + update (need to verify this combination works and if not now when will it)


Write their own XML style sheet (similiar to what they are doing)


Adhere to just the XPS Word Subset and use IE 7.0 (my recommendation)