Windows Media Encoder and Media Encoder Studio Edition not supported on Windows Vista-Yet

You may have noticed my webcasts have dropped off/stopped lately -it is because i don't have a Windows XP machine any more and unfortunatley the tool i have been using for creating web casts Windows Media Encoder doesn't work on the Vista RTM builds. 

I got ahold of the dev team and they know about these issues and do plan to have some fixes for Windows Media Encoder by the end of November...

Rest assured i won't wait until then, I am playing with both Hypercam and Camtasia and should be back in action this week.

Comments (2)

  1. Arik says:

    I use Windows Media Encoder in the build 5744 and works fine, but with Camtasia only the record function works, the option of produce the video never start. My solution is record in Vista and produce in XP. Bye.

  2. A question came in from my blog post on Windows Media Encoder : I’m quite new into recording screenvideos.

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