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Game Developers here November 28th for Brisbane User Group – Confirmed!

Dr Brown, Jason and Zsolt are keen to present at the user group!  At this point their agenda is in the formatives stages but current thinking is:

·         State of the Gaming Market –Dr Ross Brown (15 minutes)

·          What is the state of the games industry in Australia/Queensland?   

·         What skills will a developer need to be a participant? 


·         Introduction to XNA – Zsolt Mathe(60 mins)

·         What is XNA?

·         What is XNA Studio Express?

·         How can enthusiasts use XNA Express to experiment with game development?

·         Demos

·         Xbox Live Arcade – Jason Strayer(15 mins)

·         What is Xbox Live Arcade?

·         Xbox Live Arcade versus Xbox 360 stand alone titles?

·         How can enthusiasts get involved?



Note due to the large demand this event will be held at QUT Garden Point Campus (room to be determined) NOT at the Microsoft office.


Ross Brown, Senior Lecturer, Games Technology Teaching Group, Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Australia

Ross Brown in addition to being the sharpest dresser at QUT is a noted luminary in the gaming industry and a Lecturer in the School of Software Engineering and Data Communications, Faculty of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology. In this position Dr Brown can be found doing presentations, teaching various media classes and performing ground breaking research into the world of 3D computer graphics, games technology, information visualisation and new media art. 


Jason Strayer, Developer Support Manager, Microsoft Game Technology Group

Jason Strayer currently manages the Developer Support team in the Game Technology Group (GTG) at Microsoft, the group most responsible for supporting and educating game developers throughout the world that are developing games for Microsoft platforms. He has worked in the capacity of assisting game developers throughout his career on the Xbox team, starting with the original Xbox in 2001 and continuing through the launch of Xbox 360. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology as well as Computer Science, and recently earned a black in belt in Aikido.


Zsolt Mathe, Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Game Technology Group
Zsolt has been working with the Microsoft Game Technology Group for over two years, contributing technical expertise to dozens of the top-selling Xbox 360 tittles. He is an active participant in the portable game market. Zsolt has degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.



For more information please see the Brisbane User Group Website: http://www.qmsdnug.org/