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Content by Charles Sterling

Even the luckiest gets skunked once in a while(Offshore Fishing)

Yesterday (October 5th) i decided to head out to a set of reefs called the 24’s (they are in 24 fathoms of water) and fish a big ball of bait that is “Always” there.  Since they are “always” i didn’t even bother brining any bait with me.  The run out was a dream, not a wave around and i was able to jet out to the reef doing 25 knots – very unusual for my tiny boat.  Unfortunately getting out there my bait ball is no where to be found<grr>  Since it was so nice and the Marlin should be moving in i decided to cruise way out to the next set of reefs called the 36’s….Not only was there no bait there was no fish sign on the finder either.  Despite this i trolled big marlin lures around for the next 4 hours just out of sheer stubbornness… Coming home i did stop at the 18’s and just to add injury to insult i proceed to catch Grinner after Grinner (a type of Large lizardfish that doesn’t fight at all) maybe 15 before giving up in frustration and coming home…When i got back i found out some of the guys had been catching Spotted Mackerel really close in- oh well sometimes it just doesn’t pay to go out!  In either case while the fishing is slow now in the next couple of weeks the pelagics should start moving and since i did see some bait schools at the mouth of the sea way I am hoping for a monster marlin season!