Using the TFS MSSCI Provider with PowerBuilder only checking in 25 files per changeset

If you are using the TFS MMSSCI Provider with powerbuilder you probably noticed your checkins are being added in changeset increments of 25 files. To explain, if you have 100 files in your check-in you will see 4 changesets for that “one” checkin.  To change this behavior alter the SccMaxArraySize setting of the of the PB.INI file. This setting can be found in the…


Office 2007 & Windows Vista Launch in Darwin

  This is still VERY much draft but here is what we were thinking: Feb 15 2007 at Sky City Darwin we will do an all day Office 2007 Windows Vista Launch. 9:00 am Launch of Office 2007, Exchange and Windows Vista Keynote Address See how Windows Vista, the Microsoft 2007 Office System and Exchange…


Visual Studio Team System Web Test control buttons disabled (continued)

Last week i posted the likely cause of Visual Studio Web Test buttons being disabled was running under Vista and not forcing the Administrator account.  Since then i have gotten email from a couple of folks indicating they are on XP and this is happening to them too….In following up with the development team, turns…


Reminder VSTS User Group Tomarrow Morning (Dec 1st)

  The Queensland VSTS Users Group is based in Brisbane and will meet for a breakfast session on the first Friday morning of each month. Brekkie is available from 7:30am with the actual meeting running from 8am to 9am. The first session is focused on driving up the quality of your applications using Checkin policies….


Piers Anthony switches to Linux?

I just finished a book by one of my favorite light fantasy authors Piers Anthony. And noticed in the authors note Piers wrote: “I had decided to change from the Windows computer operating system to Linux,” Oh no!  What was I going to do? Stop reading his books out of company loyalty?  Call him and explain…


Visual Studio Team System Web Test control buttons disabled

If you are having issues with your VSTS web test buttons being disabled it is very likely you are running under Windows Vista and -not forced Visual Studio to run in the Administrator context…To do this all you have to do is click on the Visual Studio Icon and choose “Run As Administrator”     Technorati tags:…


Writing a Gadget in Visual Basic and Windows Presentation Foundation

Karsten wrote a great sample on getting a gadget working in Windows Presentation Foundation.  Unfortunately if you are starting from scratch there are a lot of pieces needed to get this working ; so i thought i would rewrite his sample in VB -and supply a set of simple 1-2-3 how to directions.  Step one: Create a Windows Presentation…