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Content by Charles Sterling

Lake Monduran Fishing Report Nov 24

On my Capricorn Coast Trip i stopped at several great fishing spots and thought it might be helpful to jot down what went well –and what didn’t.

 The first stop was lake Monduran the furthest south lake stocked with Barramundi in Queensland for two days of fishing.  The first day I followed my normal strategy if I have no local knowledge –To follow somebody that looks like they know what they are doing.  In this case a gentleman with a green bass boat and lots of expensive gear….he went into one of the larger tree studded coves (where the water would be warmer –important for this time of year) and disappeared going through a large grove of semi submerged trees at speed (something I wasn’t about to do).  After getting through this grove of trees I found myself surrounded by several more cove openings with the green boat long gone….So picked one and started fishing. 

My normal tactic for spring Bara is find the warmest water and fish shallow water above the thermocline.  The lures I typically are gold b52’s that only dive about 2 feet.   The first cove I chose didn’t contain that many trees but I still managed two hits one I got one 80cm to the boat.   The next cove was more trees than water, very shallow of about 1 meter with a submerged creek bed snaking through that had a depth of about 2 meters.  Turns this is exactly what the barra where looking for. 

The next 2 hours every ~3rd cast was either a fish or a hit….Looking at my camera later (I was taking pictures as I released the fish) I figure I caught about 10 fish with the largest being 90cm and lost about 6 more.   The only reason I stopped fishing is i ended up losing all my shallow water lures I had with me<g>. 

The second day armed with more lures I went back to the same location and managed to pick up 3 more but nothing like the action the day before…