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Content by Charles Sterling

Dave Glover a Genius? (Accessing a "laptop" SATA drive)

I was complaining to Dave Glover about not being able to access my M400 files because they were on my dead M400’s hard drive.  He asks “Can’t you pull the drive out?” i reply “No they are on a laptop Sata Hard drive and i don’t have a SATA caddy”  to which he asks “Why do you need a SATA caddy, why not just plop it into the bottom of your Desktop case and use the connections on the motherboard?”.  I thought about it for second and said “the cables are different”.   “hmm i don’t think so” was his response.   Not one to be proven wrong (and i really wanted those files) i started looking at my desktop SATA drives and we were both correct – him a lot more than me<g>.

The SATA drives in my desktop did indeed have the same “L” shaped data connector but were using the old style IDE 4 pin power connections which laptops don’t have…but my hard drives drives did have the option to be power with the “laptop” blade style power connector and even came with adapters…That i was able to use on my to access my M400 data with –yeah!