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Content by Charles Sterling

Gold Coast Fishing Report Oct 21st yes the Cobia are still here! (OffShore Fishing)

Well I finally got to go fishing after getting back from my Capricorn Coast Trip and man is nice to be back!  Knowing exactly where to get bait, knowing exactly where to go felt like putting on a favorite pair slippers!  

We started out really early (5:00am) with the plan to troll live mackerel around the inner reefs with the down rigger for any remaining monster Cobia in the area.  After getting the mackerel and running to the reefs we had some excitement with a big striped Tuna at 7:00am.  Unfortunately it went quite until the wind started blowing at 11:00am….Iain and i were both really tired of SLOW trolling but didn’t necessarily want to call it quits so I suggested a pretty lame idea of trying for Snapper on my favorite Tailor Rock close to the seaway.  The idea went from lame to dumb when we missed the first attempt at anchoring and we got to pull in the anchor with a messed up T9.  Not being too bright we gave it another go and started fishing around noon (not exactly the best time for ANY fish<g>).  Luckily for us the fish didn’t know they weren’t supposed to be biting and Iain hooked into something big that tried to break his rod in half – unfortunately for the fish Iain fishes gear that is pretty much indestructible about two minutes later I am on a big fish too!  After about a 10 minute fight I gaff Iain’s fish -a big (20KG?) Cobia…and go back to fighting my fish (now with blood all over the deck) after another 10 minutes we have another Cobia about the same size on the deck….after getting the rods back in the water we focus on cleaning up the boat which was covered in blood apparently all that blood attracted some yellow fin tuna because Iain’s rod gets a big hit (but doesn’t stay hooked) and I got hooked up with a nice yellow fin (6KG?)

Like I said it is nice to back on the Gold Coast!