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VB 6 Interop Toolkit Menu not available

Yep I am finally back from my vacation with David Sceppa on the Capricorn Coast!

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Just had this question on the alias and thought i would get an early start on my blog:



Hi All,


I am developing a new app (primarily in c#, vs2005) that has a number of forms that need to be called from a VB6 app.  When Daryl Burling told me about a new Powertool for VB that can be used to wrap and expose vb.net forms to vb6 (sounds like what I wanted).  So I downloaded a copy, installed and tested with Access Basic (didnt have VB6 on my machine).  It seemed to work pretty well, except whenever I made changes to the code I was getting locking problems with Access.  After I had installed the PowerTool, there was a new item on the tools menu “Generate InteropForm Wrapper Classes”, so I could add properties and events, regen and they would appear.


I then decided to install VB6 to make sure it worked.  So hunted out VB6 install, and did it.  Since the install, VS2005 has lost the menu items which allow me to generate the code.  I can see the Add in is still installed in VS2005 – but can’t get it to work.  This may have had nothing to do with VB6 – but hey it will teach me for installing it.


Has anyone had any experience with the Add-In, or is there someway in VS2005 to get an addin to display on the menu again.  I can’t see any other way to get it to work.


 In order to order to see the Tools >Generate InteropWrapper Classes menu you must be using a VBInterop Project (This appears under project template located at file>new project>Visual Basic>Windows and the area labeled “My Templates”)