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Lake Monduran Fishing Report Nov 24

On my Capricorn Coast Trip i stopped at several great fishing spots and thought it might be helpful to jot down what went well –and what didn’t.  The first stop was lake Monduran the furthest south lake stocked with Barramundi in Queensland for two days of fishing.  The first day I followed my normal strategy if I… Read more

Peter Fitzsimon gets a promotion!

If you have been to the Brisbane office you have almost certainly met our local legend Peter Fitzsimon in his previous role as Account Technical Specialist.  Luckily his talents and efforts have been recognized with a promotion to a new role described below…. Peter will be responsible for driving real world education and readiness around Virtualization and HPC to… Read more

Getting a Team Foundation Server Product Key to Upgrade from Workgroup or Trial TFS editions

I have had a couple of customers ask me “Where do i get a product key for Team Foundation Server” and it was pretty embarrasing that i didn’t know and had to refer them to either their account manager or Stuart White/Arabind Coomaraswamy.  Well that is no longer the case as i have directions for… Read more

Vista RTM Candidate Install – 25 minutes!

While getting ready for some training at Sonic Health my M400 Motherboard dies and i have to start over on a training machine.  Being somewhat brave I decide to go Vista with build 5840 (Latest candidate for RTM) on my AMD 64 bit computer and must admit was blown away 25 minutes later the computer was finished installing the… Read more

Frank Arrigo Update

Many of you probably saw last week my manager/friend/mentor Frank went into the hospital for an appendicitis operation.  Well the operation went well -sorta.  Meaning he came through the operation just fine, but the appendix was healthy and the doctors don’t know what is wrong with him!    In either case he is at the SANS hospital and if you want… Read more

Two of the MIcrosoft Game Developer in Town (QLD) for GDAA

I just found out that two folks from a Games group Jason Strayer and Zsolt Mathe are in town next month for the big games conference….http://www.gdaa.com.au/.  Hopefully i can get them to the two dev User Groups: www.qmsdnug.org  www.gcdotnet.org/ and Maybe the IT Usergroup as well www.aususergroups.org/big  Will post more details soon!      … Read more

Gold Coast Fishing Report Oct 21st yes the Cobia are still here! (OffShore Fishing)

Well I finally got to go fishing after getting back from my Capricorn Coast Trip and man is nice to be back!  Knowing exactly where to get bait, knowing exactly where to go felt like putting on a favorite pair slippers!   We started out really early (5:00am) with the plan to troll live mackerel around the inner… Read more

VB 6 Interop Toolkit Menu not available

Yep I am finally back from my vacation with David Sceppa on the Capricorn Coast! (yes i promise to post all my fishing adventures!) Just had this question on the alias and thought i would get an early start on my blog:     Hi All,   I am developing a new app (primarily in… Read more