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Content by Charles Sterling

Review Fish Eagle 240 Fish Finder (Offshore Fishing)

The first two items i bought arriving on the Gold Coast was a 5 meter boat i bought for $5000 and a $99 fish finder. 3 months after getting the boat i find out the motor needed major servicing, the radio dies and the seats start following apart….Which begs the old adage

“You get what you pay for”

Luckily for me this isn’t the case with the Fish Finder….

Despite only costing $99 new at http://www.basspro.com the Fish Eagle 240 has been a great deal…

The Fish Eagle 240 is an integrated GPS/Sonar with a screen resolution of 240X160pixels.  At $99 the  GPS functionality is better than many GPS only devices costing more.  While it doesn’t have even rudimentary mapping the track memory and waypoint record on mine now has more data than the most expensive sea charts. 

Which brings me to the Fish Finder functionality….Both my fishing buddies use $1000+ color sounders with much larger screens and i would still trust my sounder over theirs for finding fish while traveling!   -To be honest this due to the fact i have placed the transducer in “cleaner” water but the end result is still the same.

The only down side of this device is the small screen doesn’t lend itself to displaying both GPS data and sonar data or zooming in a split screen.  To get around GPS issue  i activate the audible fish alarm and leave the screen on the GPS screen until the alarm starts sounding at which point pressing the menu button twice takes me to the Sonar screen to see how deep the fish are.

Even if i bought two of these gems and left one on the GPS screen the other on Sonar it would still be 5X cheaper<g>