I finally join the ACS!

It is rather embarrassing that after all the presentations, membership drives, events and dinners i have done with ACS that i haven’t officially joined -until today that is! 

If you are an IT person and have ever wondered “how can i influence the government’s actions in my area” or “How can i meet the people in my industry” then you should join me joining the ACS!


It is also funny that off all the places i could go to the meetings i end up going to the Townsville meetings the most!   -See you in Novemenber Bevine?


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  1. Brian Madsen says:

    damn…i took a look at the ACS membership..

    Membership Applications for those living in Australia

    Application Fee – $110

    Membership Subscription Fee for first year $320

    Total $430

    ??? $110 application fee?? i don’t think so…hell $430 for one year membership is a bit steep for me..no way i’d be forking that money out for a membership in the near future. Plenty of other things i can spend my $$$ on.

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