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Content by Charles Sterling

Spoiled on the gold coast –feeding dolphins(offshore fishing)

Sunday morning while dropping me off Iain (my fishing buddy) commented on what an “awful” day fishing it had been.   I must admit compared to our average trips it wasn’t a huge day out as we only had one nice Yellow Tail Kingfish in the ice chest….Not really thinking much more about it I proceeded to work in front of the TV while watching Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures and then “Fishing Western Australia”.  About half way through “Fishing Western Australia” I realized our “awful” day was still lot better than these professionals.   The reason we “only” had one Kingfish in the ice chest was because:

  • The snapper and bream we caught we released as not being worth the effort –Pretty funny as many were bigger than the ones Rexy had caught

  • The two big striped tuna caught were also released

  • The two trevally and the ten plus taylor we caught we had a ball feeding to a big wild dolphin that adopted us for the day!   Not only was this twice as many Taylor as they caught on  “Fishing Western Australia”  but I was able to interact with one of nature’s coolest animals. 

The dolphin was really cool and very bright, despite the fact we were running 4 fishing rods  and the dolphin was swimming next to the boat it never touched any of the lines…. –As a matter of fact the Dolphin never touched any of the fish until we took it off the hooks and threw it to “him”.

Looking forward to my next “awful” day out on the water & hope to see “my pet dolphin” again!

*Taylor in Australia is the same as bluefish in the US