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Content by Charles Sterling

Tone is everything

Since coming back from TechEd i have been noticing a change in my behaviour of sending email rather than calling people. (my typical tactic)

Contrary to what i would have expected,  i have noticed a huge DROP in my efficiency as now i am still calling these people but now it is for clarification -and too many times it is to apologize for my distinct lack of civility in my email tone….

So what am i going to do?  -The same thing i always do when faced with challenges – Go Fishing and uwind a little!! 

But after that I am going to live the the rule that i helped Adam Cogan put in his exhaustive list of rules: 

   “Email should be used for confirmation for conversations”

-& also do what every manager at Microsoft (and most my co-workers) i have ever suggested:

   “Don’t immediately send your email Chuck, give it a couple of hours and reread it first”

Wish me luck fishing!