Converting a Socket 940 cooler to an AM2 motherboard

Last weekend i took the Gigabyte AM2 Motherboard AMD kindly gave us for Vista development to MSY and told them i needed a low profile CPU cooler for THIS Motherboard and CPU.

Apparently this was too vague as they gave me a cooler for an AMD Socket 940 motherboard<sigh>  Not wanting to drive all the way back to MSY i started looking at the components and verified yep they were incompatible. 

Still not wanting to drive back i noticed the while the motherboard was drilled for 4 holes that would marry to the heat sink and mounting bases with two mounting points


it came with a bracket that could be drilled to match (see picture below)

So if you ever "Need" to cool an AM2 mounted CPU with a socket 940 cooler you "Could" use this hack -though i would recommend getting cooler that doesn’t require any drilling, nuts, bolts or epoxy<g>

Oh yeah while the system temperature is running 43 degrees Celsius the temperature on the CPU has never gotten above 33 Celsius so something must be working right


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