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Interop Toolkit Video (Visual Basic .NET to Visual Basic 6.0)

At TechEd I did a presentation on 5 toolkits with 7 demos to help Visual Basic developers extend their Visual Basic 6 applications and skills to Visual Basic .NET.

You can watch the whole video but it is pretty low quality -I plan to use media encoder to create much smaller much higher quality versions below you can find a link to the first of these. 

This is the first of my demos using the Interop Toolkit to extend a Visual Basic 6 Application with Visual Studio .NET 

It is about 10 minutes long and 7mb.

One thing i forgot to mention in the video is the only reason the property and method i added were visible to Visual Basic 6 is due to the attributes they were decorated with in Visual Basic .Net namely:



Had those attributes NOT been applied they would not have been visible to Visual Basic 6.0