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Content by Charles Sterling

Visit to Somerset College (Are kids really changing?)

I don’t know if it is because i am old, the times have changed, this is a different country, the fact i grew up in a hick town or the school i just visited was abnormal but my recent visit to Somerset college to present an Xbox360 clearly illustrated the schools and children here are very different than when went to high school in the US.  I went to public school in Oakland Oregon with each grade having from 35 to 40 students and netting about 30-35 graduates (yes the drop out/failure rate was that high).  My class was very special in we had the all time record of 12 students planning on attending University.  Of those i think only 2 or 3 knew what they wanted to major in (I was a freak and knew i wanted to be a Marine Biologist from the age of 4)…

What was so different?   The first thing i noticed was their demeanour – nobody was visibly stoned(very very atypical for my highshool) nobody was tackling each other through the chairs etc. The second thing I noticed was their very adult interests with several of the students having just produced a play and several of them already knew they were going into IT -hence the winner going to a QUT  IT seminar…. In either case a big congratulation to Tyson Zastrow for winning the Xbox360 and i look forward to probably working for him in ~10 years<g>