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Content by Charles Sterling

I now have sound from my Vista RC machine

Saturday after TechEd I built an AMD Dual Core computer 64 bit machine and after a couple hickups with the video got everthing working -except for sound!

I am using a very nice Gigabyte Motherboard with built-in Realtek sound unfortunately Vista RC decided the only sound output i had from this motherboard was the SPDIF pins<sigh>

A visit to the Realtek Website netted me the beta Vista drivers and now Vista “knew” i had normal 3.5mm outputs as well-yeah! when i plugged in the mic the Realtek utility saw the Mic – double yeah!

Plugging in the sound gave me…..NOTHING  -boo!

Out shopping today i saw a set of USB headphones and thought “what the hell i need to listen to the audio tracks i have been uploading and they MIGHT work” and got a pair.  From the title of the post you already know the result -i can now hear my own webcasts – YEAH Baby!