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Content by Charles Sterling

GeForce 7600 fast beautiful but not working with Vista Release Candidate Builds

Over the weekend i built an AMD AM2 X2 Dual core 64 bit computer and had planned on using one of the nicest video cards i have ever seen a Gygabyte GeForce 7600 GS for pushing around Windows Presentation Foundation apps.  The reason i say nicest was construction quality and aesthetics of the card and passive radiator (silver and gold anodized aluminium) rather than a bunch of benchmarks etc

Since the computer went together faster than my download of a 64 bit Release Candidate build of Vista (Build 5536)  i decided i would throw on XP 64 bit edition while i waited. With the dual core 64 bit processors 2 gig of RAM and fast SATA drives my install took about 20 minutes after which i installed the game that came with the video card “Serious Sam” –To test out the graphics!  I must admit playing with the Alienware kit from last year’s TechEd i knew what high end stuff  “could” do but to see that quality of graphics from a $160 video card had me salivating to see Vista running on it!

The install of Vista started fine until the last reboot at which point nothing but a black screen.  Another install with the 32 bit version same problem, tried build 5552, same problem! Thinking it was a hard drive issue I did another install to an IDE drive and same issue (if you are counting this is Vista install #4) luckily this motherboard had an onboard GeForce 6100 so pulled out the beautiful 7600GS and  rebooted -BINGO it boots and setup can finish.  I put the 7600 back in and it boots with the standard VGA drivers – yeah!  I install various drivers and always reboots back to a black screen – BOO! 

Long story short i had a GeForce 6600 laying around (another very Fast Video Card) that is now living in this powerhouse just waiting for day the 7600 drivers come out!