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Content by Charles Sterling

…do they really care?

Reading Michael Kleef’s blog “do they really care?”;  i will never forget the time I was flying with Matty and he is bragging about his super dooper “indestructible” Samsonite while we are waiting for the luggage to come out.   After all the rest of the luggage comes out and we are wondering what to do, his suitcase comes out -wrapped in yellow tape. As it comes down the baggage carrousel we can see Matty’s armoured suitcase has been torn in half!  Upon closer inspection it appears as if one of the baggage handlers had placed the suitcase against one of the yellow steel parking lot poles and repeatedly ran into it with the baggage truck then finally drove over it! 

Upon taking the remains to the baggage claims folks and explaining the situation they indicated he needed to fill out a form and they would send him the replacement half of the suitcase (so he would receive separately a right and left halve!) in a about a month and his missing property (some CD’s and a CD player) was just a little “thank you for flying our airlines”

Or the time Frank Arrigo picked up his 4 day old Audi Convertible from the airlines valet with the conversation starting something like: “So all that damage to the passenger side of your car wasn’t there before leaving the car with us?”

So in answer to Michael Kleef’s question i do believe they really do care -about how much they can abuse us!

–Typed from a cramped economy seat behind an empty business class section<sigh>