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Content by Charles Sterling

Visual Basic 6.0 not installing on Windows Vista Beta 2.0

I had planned on doing my Teched Presentation on Windows Vista but had a rude shock that Visual Basic 6.0 wouldn’t install in either of my Vista machines.  Since the setup was failing immediately i suspected it might have something to do with the JVM dependency of the original Visual Studio 6.0 installer…That being the case i downloaded the Visual Basic 6.0 update from MSDN (Yep we just recently updated the VB 6. 0 installer) and viola it worked on my desktop machine running Windows Vista release candidate build 5520! 

Encouraged I went to install it on my Toshiba M400 running Windows Vista Beta2 and about ¾ of the through setup failed<sigh>

Didn’t really plan on upgrading my laptop before TechEd but now I don’t have much choice!