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Content by Charles Sterling

Offshore Fishing on the Gold Coast with a downrigger

I went out today with one of my regular fishing buddies Iain Burnell to try out my new toy a Cannon Unitroll downrigger

We started out day fishing with our tried and true method of drifting livebait, squid and pilchards down a burley trail and were rewarded with several tiny snapper and bunch of tangles for our efforts.  With nothing to lose i put out my downrigger out with a live bait near the bottom using a Shimano TLD 15 and Shimano Backbone 10kg rod (i must have had high hopes<g>).  About 10 minutes later i brought it up expecting to see a tangles mess and found no tangles but my live bait the had been malled by a bunch of squid or other bottom dwellers -A good start anyway!  So back down but this time 10 feet off the bottom. After about 15 minutes my other rod on the surface goes off with a big run but doesn’t stay hooked up<sigh>

A couple of minutes later the rod on the dowrigger goes off  with a huge run – and a solid hookup!  After about 15 minutes of huge runs a monster cobia breaks the surface with a another smaller one following it (typical of Cobia and Dolphin Fish) so Iain gets a live bait and in and we are both hooked up!   After about 5 minutes more fighting i managed to gaff my fish into the boat and go over to help Iain to get his into the boat.  This is when i finally realized how large the Cobia i caught was somewhere between 80 and 90 pounds!!!

We called it a day at that point but very glad we had a downrigger responsible for the only two fish for the day!