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Content by Charles Sterling

Salmon Fishing Report July 19-21

I went back to Seattle for a technical conference called Tech Ready which coincided with the opening of Salmon fishing and of course I could not let this opportunity pass me by.  Turns out a good buddy, Jesper Johansson had bought a salmon fishing boat and was just waiting for the season to start.  We both decided that “gentleman hours” would serve (remember 7:00am would be midnight for me).

So after getting to the boat around 9:00am getting 6 crab pots in the water by 10:30 start fishing around 11:00 having our first fish in the boat by 11:02 we weren’t doing too bad!  After about 20 fish over the next two hours Jesper asked “Aren’t we supposed to be Salmon fishing?” Turns out we could not keep any lines in the water due to a type of Shark called a “Dog Fish” when we first started catching them we would stop the boat and all three rods would get loaded up with these 4′ 15lb vermin.  We found pulling them in while still trolling added more excitement and kept the other rods fishing.  At about 2:00pm i finally decided to remove the herring and try a chrome spoon stating “no way a shark will hit a spoon”.  As soon as the spoon was at depth (we where using down riggers at 30″) “Wham” and the line starts screaming! This was no dogfish! 4 minutes later a nice Chinook in the ice chest and it was time to pull the pots, call it a day -and to get some more spoons!  Over the next two days we ended up catching ~5 more salmon and 1 small lingcod -all on spoons.

oh yeah my statement about “no way a shark will hit a spoon” was definitely in error!  We still ended up catching and lossing gear to these toothy bastards about once every 20 minutes

Thanks to Jesper for taking me out!