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Teched Session: Visual Studio: Leveraging Your Visual Basic 6 Investments with VB 2005

At Teched 2006 I am delivering a session called:

“Visual Studio: Leveraging Your Visual Basic 6 Investments with VB 2005”

This session focuses on solutions for migrating large forms-based line-of-business applications from VB6 to VB .NET and provide prescriptive guidance on how to mitigate the costs and risks associated with these migrations. Specifically, the session provides an overview of approaches and architectures that allow for applications to be migrated to VB .NET in incremental steps with production deliverables consisting of a combination of VB6 and VB .NET visual and non-visual components. The content and approaches are based on real-world implementations with lessons learned from those efforts covered in the session.



Which looks really good, unfortunately looking at the the US version it deals almost exclusively with an Interop Toolkit that still isn’t available.  That said I thought i would open a discussion on what you would like to see…I know one topic i still get LOTS of questions on is printing….Anything else out there?