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Ask the experts at Teched (with ScottGu!) -Please send in your Questions/Suggestions!

Looks like i will be helping out with the “Ask the Experts” at the TechEd this year.  The “Ask the Experts” this year will consist of  3 “Expert Panels” with key speakers plus a bunch of tables for informal conversations with the speakers. 

The three panels will be:

  1. Security – Hosted by Charles Sterling

  2. Developer -Hosted by Andrew Coates

  3. IT Pro – Hosted by JeffA

If you could please send in your questions and preferences for the speakers you would like to see in the panel that would be great!

So far i was thinking of the following folks for the panels:


  1. ScottGu

  2. Ron Jacobs

  3. Brent Webster

  4. Eric Deily

  5. Paul Andrews


  1. Jesper Johannson

  2. Steve Riley

  3. Rocky Heckman

  4. Paul Young

  5. Corey Hynes

  6. Andrew Dugdell

IT Pro

  1. Richard Waymire

  2. Greg Low

  3. Thierry D’Hers

  4. Arik Cohen

  5. Michael Kleef