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Content by Charles Sterling

Skirts, Bibbed or Bibbless? (Offshore Fishing)

Just chatting with a buddy from PNG – Paul. (What is with me hanging out with these security guys?) and we were discussing whether skirtted, bibbed or bibbless lures work better….

He mentioned skirted lures tend to work better in PNG but he prefered bibless lures. I must admit when i have trolled a bibbed or bibbless versus a skirted lureof roughly the same size, color etc i also tend to get more hits on the skirted lure(even for species that are traditionally caught on lure like Tuna) and despite this i also tend to favor bibbed lures. 

Which doesn’t make a lot of sense, at least until i watched the video of him on his last fishing trip and realized one reason we proably both prefer some sort of diving lure -is our boats.  

His boat is roughly the same size and style as mine, a near 5 meter fiberglass creation that the designers never designed for offshore fishing<g> and in his video Paul is in about a 1 meter sea and looks like no swell. Pretty calm day for a 35′ black watch, but he was getting punished at the 8 or so knots they were trolling (about the minimium for skirted or skipping lures) any faster and Paul would probably start breaking stuff -or worse spill his beer<g>.

But with a bibless lure or even more so a bibbed lure you can slow down to 6 knots still effectively fish these lures.

I guess another reason is visceral – Bibbed and Bibbless lures look like fish! Skirted lures look like something that should be tied to childs bicycle handlebars!

Well no fishing for me until after i get back from Adelaide on Friday!